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Sosha gives Alisha not just one, but two golden showers in this video.

We start out this video with Sosha tying Alisha up in the kitchen. The idea was that Sosha would leave Alisha tied up until Alisha couldn’t hold it any longer and had an accident. Once tied up though, it quickly became evident that Alisha doesn’t need to pee at all. Sosha, on the other hand is kinda desperate.

Instead of Alisha wetting her panties while she is tied up, Sosha strips off all her clothes, straddles Alisha, and pees directly onto her. Sosha’s pee stream forcefully hitting the front of Alisha’s panties.

A few minutes later Alisha is still tied up and soaked. Sosha needs to pee again, so again she stands over Alisha. This time Sosha pees through her pajama pants onto Alisha’s bare leg.

Sosha is incredibly desperate to pee. Eventually she has an embarrassing wetting accident in front of Alisha in this video.

We join Alisha and Sosha in the bathroom. Sosha is already desperate to pee, but the viewers who are watching the live stream are encouraging her to keep holding it. She does her best to not wet her pants, holding herself, bending over, and doing a full on potty dance.

Eventually she can’t hold it anymore and pees her pants in front of Alisha. Alisha watches as Sosha soaks her shorts. Sosha tries to deny that she had an accident, but her shorts are visibly wet. It is obvious what happened.

Hop into bed with Alisha and Sosha for this sexy wet video.

The video starts with the girls making out. Before long they are undressing each other. Wearing only shorts, Alisha stands over Sosha, legs spread, and pees on her. Both Alisha and Sosha are still wearing their shorts when this happens- Alisha pees through her shorts soaking Sosha’s.

The warm wet liquid has Sosha extremely horny. They go back to making out as Sosha rubs herself. We get a very nice look at both girls wet shorts before the video reaches its conclusion.

Sosha gets challenged to hold her pee for an extended period of time.

Already desperate to pee, Sosha was looking forward to being able to soon relieve herself. She then got a challenge though- To hold on for an extra 30 minutes. She accepted the challenge.

This video captures the last six minutes of that challenge. You got to watch Sosha at her most desperate as she struggles to maintain control off her bladder. She holds herself and dances around, desperate for relief.

When she finally lets go, it is a complete flood! Her shorts quickly become soaked. Torrents of urine flow from the legs of her shorts like a waterfall. After she is done peeing she leaves her wet shorts on for a bit so you can enjoy the site of her wearing her wet clothes.

Alisha and Sosha love to get frisky together in bed. The only thing that makes their fun time even better? Diapers!

In this video we get to watch Sosha and Alisha as they thoroughly enjoy each other in bed. Wearing nothing but adult diapers they passionately make out and grope each other. The camera moves around, giving you various angles of all the action.

This video features Alisha overflowing her adult diaper.

Alisha is wearing a very cute pair of denim overalls and an adult diaper. She really needs to pee and is pretty confident that if she lets it all go she can get her diaper to leak.

As we watch she intentionally lets go, saturating her diaper. And she is right! Her diaper soon begins to leak. We can see trickles running down her legs.

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