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Sosha pees her pants in the forest in this jeans wetting video.

Driving in her car, Sosha is desperate to pee. She can’t hold it any longer, so she pulls off a the road to go pee in the woods. We get to watch as she jumps out of her car and quickly heads into the bushes to relieve herself.

To her horror she discovers that her zipper is stuck. She struggles with her zipper, but it is too late. She is peeing in her jeans. As we watch pee flows down her legs, soaking her pants. She is extremely embarrassed as she heads back to her car to drive off.

This is another lengthy desperation video followed by both Alisha and Sosha peeing in their clothes.

In this video Sosha is wearing just her pink panties while Alisha is wearing blue sweat pants. Both girls are desperate to pee.

To make things a bit more interesting while they are holding, we set up some different challenges for the girls. They have cards with instructions they draw at random and must follow what is on the card. One such card instructs Sosha to do a “sensual dance” for Alisha.

We get to watch as Sosha is forced to attempt a sensual dance while desperate to pee. She does her best, but it is difficult with such a full bladder.

The girls are also challenged to drink more, further adding to their desperation. Eventually we get to watch as they both pee in their clothes and undress afterwards.

We head out to the lake for this beautiful jeans wetting video.

Sosha really needs to pee in this video as we join her at the lake. She is wearing jeans, crossing her legs, and very desperate. It isn’t long at all before she wets her pants. The camera gives us an excellent view of jeans becoming soaked with urine.

As soon as she is done peeing she takes off her wet jeans, standing bottomless by the lake in open view. She puts on a skirt and then walks off, pleased that she just got away with peeing in her jeans in such an open setting.

I just uploaded a new free video to HD Diapers.  This video features Alisha and Sosha walking around town in their cheer leading uniforms wearing pull-ups.

To be honest, I went back and forth on if I should share this video or not.  This video was shot by Sosha and Alisha themselves, with a small consumer camera.  The video is kind of shakey and not up to our regular quality standards.  However, I feel this video has an authentic, unrehearsed feel that is hard to get with our planned shoots.

You can watch the video here.  Let me know what you think :)

Alisha and Sosha are both desperate to pee at the beginning of this video. Alisha is wearing purple panties and Sosha is wearing pajamas.

We get to watch as both girls dance around with full bladders, extremely desperate to pee. Alisha is the first to have an accident- Peeing through her panties while standing up. The stream originating from the crotch of her panties is clearly visible, as is a dark wet patch on her underwear.

When Alisha is done peeing she turns around, showing off the damage to her panties. She ten takes them off, letting us see the wet stain from the inside.

Sosha is still desperate though. It isn’t long before she pees in her pajarams. Her wet pajama bottoms cling to her legs as she pees, becoming partially transparent. Like Alisha, Sosha undresses after she has wet herself and puts on clean, dry panties.

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