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This video is from a live HD Wetting webcast. Before the show starts, Alisha locks Sosha outside when Sosha is desperate to pee.

As the show starts we join Alisha, but Sosha is no where to be found. Alisha lies, trying to say she has no idea where Sosha is, but we know the truth- Sosha is locked outside. We get to watch Sosha as she tries to get back inside. The whole while Alisha is pretending like nothing happened and is trying to do the show herself.

Finally Sosha pees in her shorts. Only then does Alisha let Sosha come back inside.

We have done diaper wetting videos before and diaper changing videos. This video combines both! We get watch Sosha pee in her diaper before being changed by Alisha.

As we watch Sosha puts on a pull-up style diaper. Then, pulling the diaper down a bit in front so we can see, she pees into the diaper. After she finishes peeing she lays down on the sofa in her soaked diaper and waits for Alisha to change her.

Alisha takes off Sosha’s saturated pull-up and wipes her clean. Then she gives Sosha’s privates a dusting of baby powder before helping her into a fresh, clean pull-up.

If you love girls in soaking wet clothes, we made this video for you!

Watch Sosha as she steps into the bath, fully clothed. She lays down in the tub getting completely soaked- Her jeans and shirt are completely submerged. Once ever inch of her is wet, we get to watch as she slowly undresses in the bath.

Finally she is down to just her panties. She gets on her knees, hovering over the bath water, and pees through her panties. Once she is done peeing she lays back down in the warm bath water.

Alisha and Sosha are in the bathroom and Sosha desperately needs to pee. She is still able to hold it though, so the girls pass the time by going down on each other. Eventually Sosha can’t hold it anymore and pees in her jeans.

In this video we get to watch Sosha get very desperate to pee. With nothing else to do while Sosha struggles to hold it, the girls perform oral sex on each other as we watch. Sosha has to go really bad! Finally Alisha tickles Sosha to get her to have an accident in her pants.

After gym class, Jake was in the boys’ locker room getting dressed after his shower.  He had just zipped up his jeans when he realized he needed to pee, so he headed off towards the toilet area.  Just then, Casey and a group of her girlfriends burst into the locker room, whistling, screaming, and cat-calling.  Jake was so shocked he lost control of his bladder for a moment, and grabbed himself, but not before a wet spot appeared on the crotch of his jeans.  Oh no!  No one noticed, since the locker room was now a din of screaming, and Jake stayed frozen, leaning against a row of lockers, hoping no one would notice him.  It seemed as if everyone was leaving; the girls were chasing the guys out, and the guys seemed to be enjoying their prank.  Finally, Jake was alone, blushing even though no one could see him.  He headed back to his locker to grab his gym shorts; he’d have to wear them for the rest of the day.  While he was fumbling with the combination, Casey suddenly jumped off a bench and landed spryly on her feet beside him.  ”Whatcha doing?”  She asked, all smiles and flirt as she playfully pinned him against the lockers.

 Jake’s cute face turned fifty shades of red, and suddenly, his bladder spoke up again with a big cramp, reminding him he still needed to pee, and that his boxer briefs and jeans were wet.  He tried to hide the wet spot by folding his hands.  He didn’t know what to say to Casey; she was the hottest, and most popular girl in school, all the guys wanted her, Jake included, but he was so shy and nervous under the best of circumstances, and this was not one of his best.  Needing to pee had now taken control over everything else.

 And, Casey had noticed.  ”Is something wrong, Jake?”  Her hands left the lockers, and caressed his naked shoulders.  It tickled, and gave him a serious pee shiver.

 He didn’t know how to tell her he needed to pee; she was so hot.  She was kissing his neck and chest now, and he couldn’t even enjoy it.  Quite suddenly, she grinned, and pressed down playfully on his bladder.  Jake was helpless.  Again, he lost control, and the wet spot on his jeans grew to a dark stripe.  A brief, sizzling sound escaped his lips, and he bit down on them as he managed to cut off the flow.

 Casey looked at him sassily, her arms trapping him against the lockers.

Her hands pushed his away from his soaking wet bulge, and she groped him through the wet material.  ”You’re so hot…”  She murmured.

 Jake couldn’t believe it.  The hottest girl in school was apparently enjoying his misfourtune.  ”I…I still have to go.”  He said, quietly.

 It’s okay,” Casey kissed him.  ”Just let go.”

Jake did.  His long-held pee gushed into his jeans and ran through Casey’s rubbing hands.  She wrapped a leg around him, feeling his warm pee soak into her jean shorts and run down her supporting leg to pool on the floor.

*NOTE:  The story that accompanies this picture comes from the user ‘naughty_lucy420’ on the forums.  I asked users to suggest a story to go with this image and that is what she came up with.  She gave me permission to share the story here, but I want to make sure she gets full credit for it.

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